eBay Find: Magnante Comic Book (and More)

Charles Magnante Comic BookOnce again, we’ve been cruising the world’s greatest garage sale for unique accordion-related goodies. Here are some highlights:

  • Charles Magnante Comic Book
    Part of the “Famous Men of Music Series”, this comic book (circa 1953) depicts the life and times of accordionist Charles Magnante. Watch the mighty Magnante as he fights for truth, justice, and the accordion way. Pow! Biff! Squeeze!
  • German Accordion Coin Bank
    A cute little accordion-shaped coin bank from Germany (probably 1930s/40s), emblazoned with the words “Gruss Aus Dem Aschberggebiet”. I’d like to think this was given away with bank accounts or home loans (more practical than a toaster, if you ask me), but I’m sure I’m wrong.
  • Lawrence Welk Letter Opener/Nail File
    Finally, for those of you who couldn’t get enough of the Lawrence Welk collectibles from last time, there’s this little gem: one side is smooth and the other side is a cross-marked nail file. The handle is brass and depicts Lawrence playing his accordion while standing in a champagne glass.

That’s it for this week — happy bidding!

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