Accordion Comic: In Tune With Fun

Tom's accordion playing wins him the respect of his peers.

You and I know that accordion playing is the key to a happy, healthy life and the admiration of your peers. But how do we convey that message to the youth of America?

Fortunately, there’s In Tune With Fun — a 1950s comic about learning to play the accordion. In it, we follow the story of young Tom, who sees the “Young People’s Accordion Band” perform and decides he wants to be just as happy and popular as those other accordion-playing kids. With the encouragement of his parents, a lot of practice, and many afternoons spent listening to Ernie Felice records, Tom becomes a self-assured young man and a sought-after accordionist. Women want to date him! Men want to be him!

It’s an inspiring tale, with a message that still resonates today. Take it from Tom: “You’ve never really had fun until you start taking accordion lessons.”

[Found via J-Walk Blog]


  1. My friend Dave also sent me the link to this comic yesterday. (Thanks, Dave!)

    I thought it was kind of funny how the accordionists in the comic say that learning the accordion is easy! Yeah, right!! :)

  2. I enjoyed the comic. I’m in high school student (10th grade) and I’m the only accordionist in my school of about 1000 students. I only know of two other high school students one of which graduated last year. So, yes it’s a dying art, but I think it’s coming back. Kids at school really enjoy it.

  3. That’s awesome, Jamie. Keep it up!