Kids Love Accordions

After my last post about our most common email, I thought I’d highlight a cute email we received from a mother whose young sons have recently fallen in love with the accordion:

“My four and seven year old sons enjoy going to Oktoberfests and listening to the music, especially the accordion. We even purchased a CD at the last one and they listen to it everyday. Needless to say, they both put accordions on their Christmas lists. My four year old has decided he wants an accordion-themed party for his birthday; I am going to have a challenge finding accordion decor/favors, but will have fun searching! They also love dancing to polka music. They recently had friends over on a playdate and played polka music for them — it was pretty funny. It is priceless to see what interests your children develop!”

Sounds like these kids are on the right track. Do you have a young accordion aficionado in your family? Leave a comment and tell us an inspirational tale of your squeezebox lovin’ youngster.

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  1. My favorite kids’ squeezebox record is Bazar Bizarre by this guy Chel: You gotta order it from France, but it’s totally worth it. We gave a copy to our French-immersion grade-one teacher. It rocks!

    (There is too much animation on this page, but it’s worth it to see the circus flies.)

    Ordering info: