How Much Is My Accordion Worth?

Far and away, the most common email we receive is from someone who’s found or inherited an old accordion — often stashed away in a closet or garage — who wants to know how much it’s worth. I’ve probably answered this question a hundred times, a hundred different ways. But now I save myself the trouble and refer them to this handy guide on Jeroen Nijhof’s excellent Accordion Links site. Jeroen’s guide covers the basics (condition, brand, size) along with two pieces of advice I often give: that “vintage” doesn’t mean much unless it’s playable (or festooned with diamonds) and it’s only worth what someone will pay for it.

With that in mind, I should really ask: “Why sell this accordion when you can learn to play it?” Instead of dumping it at a garage sale for a few bucks, you could have countless hours of enjoyment by playing cumbias or mazurkas on your porch. Maybe the next time someone inquires about their grandfather’s old accordion, I’ll just reply with a list of accordion teachers in their area…


  1. I have old accordion HOHNER 120 BASS. I believe that it was made before world war 2, and I have an accordion with buttons KUCLER, and I know, that it was made before world war 2, because man, who made this accordion died in war.

    Can I send someone some pictures of accordions to tell me, just approximately how much are they worth?

    Boris from Slovenia

  2. I have an very old accordion

  3. I have an excelsior gold. mod. 960 professional. how much is it worth. what can I realistically get for it.

  4. I have a 1950’s La Tosca by Gretsch in good condition; has straps and very good box. Any idea on its value and how can I sell it? Thanks.

  5. I have a1920 honhor button accordian with reads & spade in aridunal box top condiston

  6. I have a Universal 120 I think…. How do I identify this accordion’s maker? I would Guess it’s made by Universal, but how do I tell the model etc…? I see only a couple numbers stamped under the lacquer, they are 53E544U, does this mean it’s a 1953 Accordion maybe? I have photo’s if necessary. Thanks for your time, and Happy Easter.

  7. Hi

    I have a 120 base HOHNER TANGO VM Piano Accordian. Numbers stamped on the back.”300501″

    What can you tell me about it. Can you quote an approximate age and value?

    Thank you,


  8. hi, I want to buy a settimio soprani artist vi, or scandalli super vi, from the late 50’s or early 60’s. either one will do. however, I’m looking of one of their simpler version. the one that has 6 bass switch/coupler/register not 11. if you have one of them for sale, please contact me at: thank you

  9. I have a Pasquale Ficosecco (the maker of the first box acc.) box acc. that I won at an auction. It is the butt of many jokes because I paid so much for it . It still sounds great! Will I have the last laugh?

  10. I have a Cordovox I would like to sell. It was my father’s and is in good shape (he played it until he got really ill) It has an ID tag that says N592/19 Made in Italy. Has plug ins (2) to hook up to something electronic. Has keys to make other instrument sounds such as flute and others. I have photos available.
    Thank you.

  11. I have a Garena accordion the only markings on it are the numbers 684360 and Germany is it worth anything not knowing anything about accordions I would say its in far condition

  12. refering back to my question about the Garena that should read( Carena)