You Want Answers? I Want the Truth!

Want to help a prospective accordionist? Then head over to Yahoo! Answers and check out this question posted earlier today:

“How hard is it to play the accordion? I’m thinking I might want to learn. I think it is such a neat instrument. Is it expensive? Hard to learn?”

Yahoo! Answers is a place where you can ask questions on any topic and get answers from other users; you can also help people out by answering their questions. (Unfortunately, so far, the answers to this question are pretty bad.) So step up, lend your squeezebox expertise, and help a potential player in need of guidance.

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  1. I have a scandalli accordion serial number 541/11?
    It ha 41 keys and 120 bass I think? It’s in it’s own case a great condition.Is there any value ?

    Thanks for your time.