Accordion Hero Teaser in Guitar Hero 2

I’ve covered my Guitar Hero addiction here before, but I had to post this. I just picked up the Guitar Hero 2 demo and my jaw dropped as this flashed across one of the loading screens:

Is it a nod to the Accordion Hero parody from earlier this year? Or have the makers of Guitar Hero finally realized there’s a vast, untapped market for accordion-related video games? After all, if they’ve made a Godfather game, can Accordion Hero really be that far behind?


  1. Dude!! I want ‘Accordion Hero’!!! I wonder what kinds of songs they would put on it. Classic polka tunes or (accordion influenced) rock songs?

  2. I could imagine a mix of accordion classics from various genres, broken down by difficulty. Maybe you start out playing “Beer Barrel Polka” and then work your way up to a really gnarly Astor Piazzolla tango…

  3. I have so many accordion heros – sounds like a lot of fun!


    in a different language. I think the sites ingerman

  5. you have to put ranchero music(mexican music) in the game and it will defenitly sell more

  6. If they allow me to play the requinto like Los Panchos, I will line up with my money to get the game…


    its real

  8. If u want to see a fan-based web sight go to

  9. They have to put some corridos or norteno (mexican music) hispanics are the biggest minority in the U.S. the game will have a lot more sales. I’ll go reserve mine 6 months in advance if they do

  10. I started an accordion hero myspace group and would love to have more people join. Having played the accordion when I was in high school, this could be the beginning of flute hero, oboe hero or even tuba hero.

  11. Mary Ann, add us on MySpace — — and we’ll join the cause.

  12. i play a gcf 31 button accordion is it true abaut the accordion hero ?? i am so exited

  13. how miuch does it cost

  14. for real accordion hero wannabes!

  15. Accordion Hero would be a natural – even more so than the Guitar Hero Game. The button accordion is perfectly made for this popular video game and the music would be lively and fun. I would love to be able to choose from all the great accordions; Hohner, Gabbanelli, Soprani, etc..

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