Accordion Hero (For Real)

That Accordion Hero video game spoof has been making the rounds again this week, even popping up on Wired News yesterday. And while it still isn’t real (sadly), there’s a clever guy who has actually created his own functional Accordion Hero video game. He basically took a small toy accordion and rigged it up as a controller for a freeware Guitar Hero clone for the PC. As an accordionist and Guitar Hero addict, I’d LOVE to play this. Especially if the playlist includes some Guy Klucevsek or Chango Spasiuk.

[Found via Global Nerdy]


  1. Download frets on fire , and create a song layout for those Guy Klucevsek or Chango Spasiuk.
    I might go on tour in the US with it in one convention or another…

    I still haven’t programmed the weird al “I love rocky road” song which i though was very fitting as “i love rock and roll” was the single most played GH1 song for me.

  2. I’ll give it a shot, Oded. I haven’t used Frets on Fire, but hopefully I can cobble together an old accordion standby like Beer Barrel Polka. By the way, your Accordion Hero rig looks fantastic. Great work!