Wii Music’s Fake Accordion

While we’re still waiting for Accordion Hero to materialize, Nintendo is working on a music simulation game for the Wii, appropriately titled Wii Music. Due out next month in Japan (and the US later this year), the game allows users to play up to 60 different instruments, including the accordion. Judging from this video, the mechanics of Wii accordion-playing leave a lot to be desired, but hopefully that won’t prevent gamers from channeling their inner Contino.

Accordion Hero (For Real)

That Accordion Hero video game spoof has been making the rounds again this week, even popping up on Wired News yesterday. And while it still isn’t real (sadly), there’s a clever guy who has actually created his own functional Accordion Hero video game. He basically took a small toy accordion and rigged it up as a controller for a freeware Guitar Hero clone for the PC. As an accordionist and Guitar Hero addict, I’d LOVE to play this. Especially if the playlist includes some Guy Klucevsek or Chango Spasiuk.

[Found via Global Nerdy]

Accordion Hero Teaser in Guitar Hero 2

I’ve covered my Guitar Hero addiction here before, but I had to post this. I just picked up the Guitar Hero 2 demo and my jaw dropped as this flashed across one of the loading screens:

Is it a nod to the Accordion Hero parody from earlier this year? Or have the makers of Guitar Hero finally realized there’s a vast, untapped market for accordion-related video games? After all, if they’ve made a Godfather game, can Accordion Hero really be that far behind?

Video Game Themes on Accordion

Playing New Super Mario Bros. when you should be practicing your accordion? (Okay, maybe that’s only me.) What if you could somehow combine your love of video games with some squeezebox practice? That’s what this guy has done — check out his solo accordion rendition of the theme from Super Mario Bros.:

Not bad for someone who, according to his Youtube profile, only started playing a month ago. Check out his other videos, including his versions of the Zelda and Tetris themes.

Accordion Hero Post-Mortem

Following up on our Accordion Hero post, the game’s developers have written a post-mortem on its creation, entitled “A Tight Squeeze: The Making of Accordion Hero”. As you might expect, it’s filled with more Hasselhoff and umlaut jokes than the original parody, but it’s worth checking out just for the photo of their “prototype” accordion controller.

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Be An Accordion Hero

Accordion Hero LogoLately, I’ve been spending way too much time playing Guitar Hero, a video game that turns your air guitar dreams into reality. Just strap on the Gibson SG-shaped controller (complete with whammy bar) and you can shred your way through well-known rock anthems. It’s ridiculously fun and completely addictive.

So imagine my excitement when world-famous (and fictitious) German game developers Schadenfreude Interactive announced their latest title: Accordion Hero. Here’s their description:

“Hit all the right notes and get the crowd on their feet waving their beer steins in unison — you are an accordion hero! Includes all the great accordion melodies you’ve ever gotten really, really drunk to… from Ein Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus to Rock You Like A Hurricane.”

Don’t forget to check out the “screenshots” — I love the Squeeze-O-Meter and the cuckoo clocks in the background. [Found via GameSetWatch]