This Week in Accordion: KEDA Conjunto Fest

What’s on the accordion calendar this week?

A note to our friends north of the border: our calendar (finally) supports Canadian events! So whether it’s a polka dance in Medicine Hat or a musette revival in Montreal, let us know what’s going on in your area.

And don’t forget, Monday is the last day to enter our birthday contest. Post a comment to receive free Let’s Polka stickers and maybe even an accordion book or polka DVD. Everyone’s a winner!


  1. Who is in charge of the conjunto festival at rosedale park? It has not been the same since Mr. Tejeda ran it.

  2. Nicky, are you talking about the Tejano Conjunto Festival coming up in May? As far as I know, Juan Tejeda is running it this year and they have a pretty impressive lineup scheduled (Joel Guzman, Mingo Saldivar, Oscar Hernandez, Flaco Jimenez, Eva Ybarra, etc.). Check the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center site for more information.

  3. Thanks Chris, The line-up is better this year! Hey chris do you have any web sites I can go to? Thank you again for your response and keep in touch. Nicky

  4. I am looking for a guy named Otono-Autum, do you know him, I think he works for reyes accordions. Thanks, Nicky

  5. Hmm… I don’t know him. Try asking on the Reyes Forum.

  6. Hey, I never got a free polka sticker or dvd!!!

  7. That’s because you didn’t post a comment on our birthday contest post. Post a recommended artist/album there and we’ll send you some stickers.