Polka Pack Giveaway!

America’s Polka King and Batteries Not IncludedFall is here and it’s high time for another Let’s Polka giveaway! This time, it’s a two-fer: the winner will receive Bob Dolgan’s excellent biography, America’s Polka King: The Real Story of Frankie Yankovic, as well as Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones’ Grammy-nominated CD, Batteries Not Included. We’ll even throw in a handful of Let’s Polka stickers to boot.

How to enter: post a comment on this entry and recommend an accordion album you’ve been listening to lately. That’s it! It can be something old, something new, something borrowed… you get the picture. You’ll have until Friday at midnight to post your entry; then we’ll pick a random winner and send out the prize next week.

Good luck! We’re looking forward to your recommendations!

Update: We have a winner! Thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. These things sound cool!
    My recommendation: “Lawrence Welk and Myron Floren – World’s Greatest Polkas”
    released by Ranwood Records 1986
    Just a nice dose of classic polka!

  2. Great blog! MY recommendation is Jimmy Sturr
    Top of the World
    with special guests
    released by ROUNDER RECORDS 2002

  3. Wendy McNeil — Such a Common Bird, http://www.wendymcneill.com

  4. So the album’s not exactly all accordion, but it features my favorite accordionist, John Linnell.

    They Might Be Giants’ self-titled first album, “THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS”, first released by Bar/None in 1986. Great album with remarkable use of the accordion. ;)

    (But I’d imagine that it’s not enough to win – I just thought I’d share. :} I’m quite new to everything accordion and I’m trying to teach myself. I love -everything- about it!)

  5. Linda Lee’s “Im Rosegarten” gets my vote for Oktoberfest mood setting. I start listening to it the first part of September. Still the best mix of old world melodies with modern tempos I have ever heard. It inspires me to improve my own performances for Oktoberfest.

  6. I listen to Classics by Eddie Korosa, Jr. Eddie was voted “Accordion Player of the Year” in 1997 by the United Polka Association and I found his music just a year ago. Even though I am 68 years old I can say “He Rocks!”

  7. Brave Combo’s “Let’s Kiss” (which won the 2005 Grammy Award for “Best Polka Album”) always gets me up and dancin’ in my living room. Second is Those Darn Accordion’s “Squeeze This!” You can’t go wrong with both of these releases!

  8. My recommendation Motion Trio’s “Play Station”. Their use of three acoustic accordions to produce music and sounds completely unlike any traditional accordion music is a great showing of the awesome versatility of the instrument.

  9. I have enjoyed the Accordion Tribe’s album Sea of Reeds. Their original music is written so as not to be duplicated by other than accordions.

  10. I am an accordionist and a devoted fan of the “Big Joe Polka Show”, Jimmy Sturrs show which is on for only 1/2 an hour on fridays (which a lot of us should write in about to have him on longer and of course The Lawerence Welk Show which is on the same time Big Joes Show is on saturdays which should also be changed.) My accordion music collection consists of 33 1/3 lp’s of Dick Contino, Little Wally, Eddie Korosa, Frankie Yankovic and others which many of also consist of cd’s, While playing all the various musicians, I pick up a lot of good ideas for improving my playing techniques. Many of the songs are extremely difficult to find sheet music for. I have been finding some of the music at ‘concertinamusic.com’ thru ‘the Chemnitzer cooncertina web site’. I am sure that many of us accordionists would greatly appreciate a web site for accordion music like that. C’mon all you squeezers, comment on this and let’s get it started.

  11. Lars Hollmer’s “Vandelmässa.” It’s not 100% accordion, but I hope that counts. Ah, well… I like it nonetheless :) I adore his composition “Boeves Psalm”; Guy Klucevsek plays it on his “Free Range Accordion” album.

  12. I know you’ve written about them before, but after a recent visit to accordion-rich Finland, I’ve been enjoying Korpiklaani’s Tales Along This Road

    I’ve kept an eye out for other folk metal bands featuring an accordion but have found any yet.

  13. sorry I meant to say, …have NOT found any yet.

  14. Right now I’m enjoying Henry Doktorski’s “Classical Accordion Recital.”

  15. I recommend the CD by Polka Freak Out — Bubba Hernandez and Alex Meixner. That’s some hot accordion, man!

  16. “Visit to Switzerland” by Chuck Berger.

  17. Right now I’m listening to “bordeias” from Viorica SI Ionica din Clejani (sort of a spin off from Taraf Des Haidouks) Some mad accordion playing from Ionica on that. I also agree that Motion Trio is doing amazing things we can all learn from!

  18. I’ve been listening to Fred Ziwich’s CD, “Button Box Champ.” Great instrumentals from a Cleveland master!