Quick Links: MySpace Roundup

One of the benefits of having a MySpace page for Let’s Polka is it helps us keep tabs on tons of artists that might otherwise fly under our radar. Here’s are a few that have recently caught our ear:

  • Piñata Protest
    We’ve seen a few punk/polka bands, even some punk/zydeco, but San Antonio’s Piñata Protest is the first punk/Tejano band we’ve come across. An answer to the traditional Tejano music its members grew up hating, this is what would happen “if Ramon Ayala and Sid Vicious had a baby.”
  • Amber Lee and the Anomalies
    Accordionist Amber Lee Baker, accompanied by banjo and fiddle, sings of rodeo clowns and whaler’s wives while leading this charming acoustic group from Anna’s old stomping grounds (Santa Rosa, CA). Their debut CD, Estuaries, is due out next month.
  • Accordion Death Squad
    Armed with an excellent name, the Accordion Death Squad plays “gypsy music from Ratsylvania,” which is apparently near Charlottesville, Virginia. Swirling accordion and violin guaranteed to keep you dancing.

Are you in a band we need to hear? Add us on MySpace.


  1. Latest treats here:

    The Scarring Party: um, what if goth rock was in done by 1920’s crooners?

    And Elly Kelly’s new record “Home Sweet Home” is a sweet image of growing up in an old-fashioned home filled with music and dancing. Lovely. (I first heard of her from your blog too!)

  2. Thanks Bruce! We’ve found a bunch of bands just by poking through your list of MySpace friends.