Another Clever Accordion Shirt

In honor of Accordion Awareness Month, is featuring an accordion t-shirt which reads “Everything’s going accordion to plan!” for $15. From the site:

“Wear this shirt: every day during National Accordion Awareness Month, this June and every June. Don’t wear this shirt: while you’re playing accordion. Then nobody’ll see that hilarious pun.”

Hilarious indeed. Get yours before they’re sold out!

(Thanks for the heads up, Robyn!)


  1. Yeah, OK…I tried to set up an account TWICE with this outfit so I could order the shirt…and it kept spitting it back at me. I checked, and checked again to make sure all the information was good, and it WAS, so after trying the THIRD time, I said “to **** with them”! I would like the shirt, but hey, my time is valuable too, so “too bad,….so sad”! I is a kool shirt though, and I would wear it…if I could get one!! I would wear it to the ATG convention meetings in Nashville on June 13/14 just to support good squeezing in Nahville, (also known as “Twang Town” because of all the guitar pickers here..) but alas, it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen. Right now, I feel like squeezing someone’s neck that runs that website! Gunner

  2. Gunner

    Let me know what kind of problems you had and I’ll see if I can get it worked out.


  3. I’ve received a couple emails from other readers who’ve had trouble ordering the shirt. If anyone else has issues, try contacting the folks at Woot (like Joel) here:

    I’m sure they’ll do everything they can to help.

  4. I tried ordering the shirt just as it was turning midnight in Dallas, where is hq’d, and in the middle of my attempt, the shirt turned into something green w/an owl. I was bummed.

    I emailed woot, they gave me this link:

    I had no problem ordering it and it’s even easier if you have a Paypal account.

    Good luck!