Flickr Find: Psychedelic Accordionist

Jon Hammond, “World’s First Psychedelic Accordionist” (1971), uploaded by laterent2000

Some of you may know organist/accordionist Jon Hammond from his long-running, Manhattan jazz show, “The Jon Hammond Show,” or from his work as one of the world’s premier Hammond B3 organ players. In the early ’70s, though, Jon lived the true rock and roll accordion life — pumping his bellows (a Giulietti Classic electric accordion) and wearing fantastically loud, rainbow-striped pants. Those were the days, indeed.


  1. Far out! We need recordings!

    We’re revising the history of the instrument. Isn’t this fun?

  2. Charles Brodowicz of Trenton NJ’s Galaxies IV was playing psychedelic garage-rock accordion in the late ’60’s.

    Listen (if you want) to “Piccadilly Circus” from 1966. Electric accordion sounds just like an organ to me, but I assume that’s how he got those bellow’s-y swoops.
    I just downloaded this radio show they were interviewed on.

    We played their song on our “Accordion History of Rock” radio show:

    I’d love to have some recordings of J. Hammond though!