25 Songs: I.K. Dairo

With less than a week left in our accordion advent calendar, we turn to a country not typically known for its accordion players: Nigeria. I.K. Dairo was a pioneer of juju, a popular Nigerian music that evolved from Yoruba percussion. Dairo introduced new sounds to juju, adding Latin rhythms, electric guitar, and his ten-button accordion to the mix. He toured the world, was awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth in 1963, and extended juju’s appeal while deepening its connections to its Yoruba roots.


  1. His Wikipedia entry is very interesting. I’d like to get more of his stuff. And he taught near us in Seattle! We’re doing our show too late. Sad.

    When first I saw this I thought he was a Deiro, from the US/Italian vaudeville family. Ha! The world is very big.

  2. “Dairos and Deiros of the World” sounds like a great subject for one of your shows, Bruce. :-)