MP3 Monday: Turisas

TurisasIt’s been a while since we’ve covered the Finnish metal scene, but my inbox is overrun with readers clamoring for Turisas and I am nothing if not a man of the people. (And a fan of heavy metal accordion, of course.) Turisas are purveyors of that unique brand of Finnish metal combining traditional metal (crunchy guitars, hoarse vocals) with folk elements (like the accordion and violin), over-the-top costumes and makeup, and lyrics about war, blood, and death. You really need to see them live to get the full effect, but this track will probably be enough to give some of you nightmares.


  1. The Arizona Accordion Club was just visited tonight by Ron Lankford, Sales Consultant for the Roland Music Corporation. The 80+ attendees were wowed by Ron’s demonstration of the Roland V-Accordions. It’s a good bet a few of our local stars will brandish some Rolands in the next year or so.

  2. @Jack

    What does Turisas have to do with the V?

    Seems kinda unrelated to a point of marketing…