Finnish Metal + Accordion = Korpiklaani

After Lordi’s Eurovision 2006 victory, I’ve jumped head-first into the Finnish metal scene. I’ve grown my hair long, invited friends over for animal sacrifices… you know, the usual stuff. During my conversion, I stumbled across Korpiklaani, another Finnish metal band, but with fewer theatrics and more folk flavor than Lordi. Korpiklaani mixes a healthy dose of accordion and fiddle in their head banging music, as evidenced in this video for “Hunting Song” (from their “Voice of Wilderness” album).

I’d love to find more hard rock/metal bands that incorporate the accordion — leave a comment if you have any good ones to share.


  1. Fun! I also like the guy whaling the hell out of a bodhr?n.

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  3. I wish there was more heavy accordion. My dream is to make it myself if I have to. Here’s what I’ve got so far. Love to hear more.

    Fresh Duck for Rotting Accordions: Does a punk accordion version of the band the Dead Kennedy’s first album.

    Iva Nova from Russia are great, hard accordion rock?

    THE AMOEBIC ENSEMBLE and Alec Redfearn’s other work is pretty darned crazed. Much more intense than heavy metal really.

    Kimmo Pohjonen from Finland played with Ismo Alanko. Kinda hard prog? rock. Kimmo’s a nut I gather, wish he’d tour here in Canada with his own sampling/effected/light show accordion virtuosity. Wow. Supposed to be great lyrics if you have Finnish.

    There’s Polkacide and the Punk Rock Orchestra of course:

    And how can I tell you how much I love: Play Bayan!

  4. Wow! Thanks for those awesome links, Bruce! I have a long afternoon of accordion rock ahead of me.

  5. Check out Turisas. They have a song called Rasputin thats pretty sweet.

  6. Thanks for the tip, Adam. We’ll check them out.