Korpiklaani’s Heavy Metal Accordion

Are you ready to rock? Hold on… ARE YOU READY TO ROCK???

One of our favorite Finnish metal bands — and yes, there’s more than one — Korpiklaani is back with a brand-new album. Korpiklaani plays metal, but with a folk twist; electric guitars and drums fight it out with violin, accordion, and woodwinds. The result is a happier, more upbeat metal than you might be used to. Check out the video for “Vodka” (sample lyric: “Drinking is good for you / And you will feel awesome”), the first single from their new album, Karkelo.


  1. Headbanging and Accordion playing. That’s pretty awesome!

  2. Awesome. Now that’s how is supposed to be done!

  3. I was so mad when I found out I’d missed them on their last trip here to Vancouver. So mad. We could have had them on our radio show!

    Another Finnish metal band with accordion is: Turisas: http://www.turisas.com/

  4. Turisas is great, too. For those who missed it, check out our MP3 Monday feature on Turisas from a couple months ago.