Investigating Detektivbyrån

Move over ABBA; I have a new favorite Swedish band. DetektivbyrÃ¥n is a folk/electronic Swedish trio with a penchant for whimsical arrangements and Amelie-inspired melodies. Like a music box gone wild, their instrumentals balance the sprightly tinkling of glockenspiel, bells, and toy piano with a boisterous accordion and occasional synthesizer. This video captures the band performing “Generation Celebration” from their latest album, Wermland.

(Found via Lauralee and Squeezytunes)


  1. Haha, this is absolutely excellent in so many ways.

  2. I just bought the album, these guys are amazing!

  3. DetektivbyrÃ¥n in my heart forever! I’m so proud of being swedish!

  4. These guys are awesome!

  5. that was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it, thank you, bob

  6. Cool!~Sounds like the spawn of Erik Satie and ’80s ambient/techno, with accordion riffs adding retro romance. I love DB for making 25 complete tracks-not clips-available to their listeners, who obviously love them–as the fan art section attests! Hope they come to the States.