MP3 Monday: Los Enmascarados

Los EnmascaradosCombine KISS with lucha libre and put it to an accordion-fueled conjunto beat, and you have Los Enmascarados. Wearing the type of colorful masks typically seen on Mexican wrestlers — and hiding their real personas behind nicknames — this energetic band has a built a loyal following in Texas, even earning a Tejano Music Awards nomination. And, just in case you try to pick a fight with them, the band would like to remind you: “No Somos Luchadores” (We’re Not Wrestlers).


  1. This is awesome!!

  2. does anyone know how to find a copy of the Joey Miskulin’s Rust-eze Polka from the animated movie “Cars”?

    It is not included on the movie soundtrack and I’d like a copy or downloadable version.

  3. I was lucky enough to see Los Enmascarados in person in Austin and they are fine showmen! The leader has a great sense of humor. I like the way the band took the stage with heavy metal music blaring over the PA…each member getting an introduction and striking a wrestler pose for the crowd with a 3-octave-low, pre-recorded announcement. show business!!! They stayed in costume the entire evening…even when packing up the gear! The music was pure conjunto…a little fast for our dancing tastes…but they are very young and energetic and are alot of fun!

  4. i love the enmascarados:) i love there music and they always give a great show no matter where they are playing…love always ur #1 fan!

  5. Los Enmascarados they are awesome!!! When they came to Tucson, Az. they put on a show. Just one message for those guys….next time you come to Tucson… perform at AVA, that’s if you want to be known MORE here in Tucson. (Bigger stage also) Look it up. AVA holds a Tejano Showcase in Sept. and this year 2010 it’s on the 17th and 18th. All in all they are Great performers! Tucson awaits their next arrival! :)