The Monsters of Accordion Are Coming!

Monsters of Accordion poster

Watch out, West Coast: the Monsters of Accordion are on the loose. Next week, four unique singer/songwriter/accordionists — Jason Webley, Corn Mo, Geoff Berner, and Duckmandu — will be spreading squeezebox mayhem in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, San Francisco, and Oakland. Special guests will join the tour in each town, including Amy Denio and Hell’s Bellows in Seattle, Eric Stern of Vagabond Opera in Portland, and Mark Growden in San Francisco. Needless to say, if you only attend one all-accordion extravaganza this summer, Monsters of Accordion should be it.

The Monsters of Accordion tour is the brainchild of the foot-stompin’, tomato lovin’ Jason Webley. I recently had the chance to talk with Jason about the tour and I’ll be posting our interview here soon.


  1. We here at the Accordion Noir Canadian Radio Nation got to see Jason and Geoff do a pre-tour kick-off (and pick up Geoff on the way) show here in Vancouver last night, and it was mighty fun.

    I cannot imagine the increase in entertainment value resulting from the addition of three more accordion rock acts to the bill. Anybody who wants a good time should catch this tour; every show. Like the Grateful Dead, quit your day-job for the summer and follow the bellowing bellows down the coast.

    I love that Jason’s adding local rock-stars to the bill on each stop, that’s gonna be soo great! I want to buy the DVD of the tour, with all the extras showing backstage hijinx, and with the ability to jump to my favorite song or artist, or just to “play all.” That would be splendid, and if the world is just they would sell enough to cover costs at least.

    Just that title, “Monsters of Accordion.” Doesn’t it send shivers? Well it should.

    peace bruce

  2. Amen, Bruce. I forgot to mention that the Oakland show will include a special presentation by Kimric Smythe of Smythe’s Accordion Center. Given Kimric’s SRL background, “special presentation” could mean a lot of things… all of them probably semi-dangerous and ridiculous.