Petosa Accordions: Squeezing in Seattle

Petosa AccordionsI received a number of emails this weekend from accordion fans in the Pacific Northwest, pointing me towards this Seattle Post-Intelligencer front-page story on local squeezebox makers Petosa Accordions. The article chronicles the rise, fall, and current rebirth of the accordion, as seen through the eyes of the Petosa family, who have been building and selling accordions since 1922. Today, Petosa sells some of the finest high-end accordions in the world — a top model can set you back nearly $30,000 — to artists that include Dick Contino, Frank Marocco, and more. (They also have more affordable models for us average Joes.)

Be sure to check out the excellent slideshow that accompanies the article; it includes an audio interview with owner Joe Petosa Jr.


  1. Seems to me I’ve seen pictures of Clifton Chenier playing a Petosa.

  2. What the BLANKETY BLANK is going on with Petosa’s web page?
    I wore out my old (very old) Petosa Accordion and would like to purchase another.
    I don’t live in Washington anymore, and tried to pull up the PETOSA web page.
    GOD, are their products now a ‘state’ secret.
    Hohner, here I come!

  3. I am trying to locate a cable to connect my accordion to my amp. I would like to find a cable which is coiled (retractable) similar to a phone cable. This would serve to keep it from underfoot.

    It should have a 1/4″ stereo plug at one end with two 1/4″ mono plugs at the other and should allow me to be from 6 to 8 feet from the amp.

    Please advise if you can either supply such a calbe or if you can refer me to another vendor.

    Thank you

    Joe Thomas