TV Alert: Petosa on The Price is Right

A few months ago we noted that ever since accordion player (and Cleveland native) Drew Carey took over as host of The Price is Right, accordions have been popping up on the show regularly as prizes. Now, we hear from Petosa Accordions in Seattle that Tuesday’s episode will feature one of their accordions as a prize on a game called “Tempations.” It’s awesome to see Drew — who’s the owner of a top-of-the-line Petosa AM-1100 himself — promoting our favorite instrument on national TV. Keep squeezin’, Drew!


  1. Oh wow, I could use a nice new accordion like the one in the link. Guess I need to get on the Price is Right!

  2. Same here, Clayton. I’m recording today’s show because I’m curious to see which model they offer and what they cite as the retail price. Petosa makes fantastic accordions, but they sure aren’t cheap…

  3. No kidding! It’s hard to find any new good-quality accordion for a low price.

  4. I am off to Seattle tomorrow. And Petosa’s is one of my stops.
    The first time I had seen accordions on Price, I was in shock. From a distance though, they looked like those cheap Chinese plastic ones.