The (Accordion) Price is Right

Accordion on The Price is Right

I was a huge fan of The Price is Right when I was a kid — to the point that I would put on my own version in my grandmother’s basement and make her play pricing games. (Plinko! Cliffhangers!) Things haven’t been the same since Bob Barker passed his microphone to Drew Carey, but I’ve noticed one positive change: accordions occasionally appearing as prizes. The screenshot above comes from a December episode featuring a blue Hohner Corona II. Anyone who watched The Drew Carey Show knows that Drew’s an accordion player; I wonder if some form of regular accordion promotion is written into his contract?


  1. WOW! That’s all I can say.

  2. Whoo! Hoo!

    That’s so cool. I had the chance to visit the Hohrner booth at NAMM last weekend. So many gorgeous squeezeboxes to behold…And who just happened to be jamming there when I showed up, but the Accordion Apocalypse herself!

    Glad to see that this much-maligned instrument is finally being given its due…

  3. No way! Drew Carey plays the accordion?? I already thought he was one of the coolest TV personalities, and now…

  4. I’d say that accordion is worth… $1,300! Am I right?

    They should put one of those classical concert ones up that’re worth $30,000 just to blow people’s mind.

  5. I think they had the retail price closer to $2,000 (which seemed high, but maybe that’s just the TPIR markup). I’ve seen other accordions on the show, too, but they’re usually Hohners (either piano or button).