Best of Let’s Polka 2007

No, we haven’t joined the writers’ strike; we’ve just been in hibernation for the past couple weeks. Now we’re rested and ready to squeeze into 2008 with more accordion news, reviews, and events than ever before!

But first, let’s look back at some Let’s Polka highlights from the past year:

And we have even bigger plans for 2008 — so stay tuned, keep squeezin’, and have a happy New Year!


  1. Chris, Here is an article about Blob’s Park that had its last polka dance last night. It was a great time we are all sad to see it close but your web site will help us find other polka events in the future.

    John Carten

  2. Happy New Year from Toronto Canada!

  3. Thanks for sharing — that’s a great article, John (especially the Let’s Polka mention!). Sad to see such a unique place go.

  4. A great year indeed, and this illustrates the contribution that you have made to helping us all keep our finger on the pulse of polka. Thanks for your hard work.